Our Story


The story of Serenity Village dates back to 2000. At the time, I had just completed my Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). I was seeking away to flex my newfound business and entrepreneurial acumen when my sister, Tammy Hartfield, came to me with a grand idea.
Tammy’s vision for Serenity Village was to work with the elderly and the developmentally/intellectually disabled. As she worked with both client populations at our local ARC, she developed a sincere love and passion for working with both endearing populations. Two years later, we opened our first assisted living facility (ALF) in Seminole, FL. After overcoming several obstacles, Tammy and I closed on the business on December 21, 2002. After closing, we went to lunch to celebrate this milestone accomplishment and discuss the next steps for our new company.

Feeling satisfied, but drained from the excitement of the day, I took a nap at her place and later returned home in Orlando, FL, where I resided at the time. Tammy made her way back to work at the Columbia Restaurant in St. Petersburg, where she put in hours as a waitress. About 6 am the next day, just sixteen hours after we closed on the business, I received a phone call that would change my life forever. My father informed me that Tammy had passed away due to cardiac arrest. She was only 34, and I, 32.

Seventeen years later, we strive to honor Tammy’s legacy by fulfilling her vision and mission to serve Serenity Village’s clients, staff, and community with dignity and respect. In 2012, I launched Serenity Village Insurance & Consulting to provide affordable insurance options to individuals and business owners.

Serenity Insurance partners with hundreds of providers and ALF owners to provide the products and solutions they need to protect the things that matter most. These products include liability insurance, workers’ compensation, commercial auto, commercial property insurance, and more.

To date, Serenity Insurance has grown to serve over 1,000 clients in Florida and Georgia. Our growth and success has allowed us to not only expand our team but to also maximize our efforts to serve you.

Our desire is to continuously improve your customer experience. To that end, we are finalizing the implementation of new customer service systems designed to provide a smoother experience and we’ve launched a new brand that aligns with our vision and mission. I look forward to sharing more about this as well as the newest partnerships we have cultivated to help expand the markets we serve.

It has been my sincere honor to serve you and your business interests over the past seven years, and I look forward to seven more. Continue to watch our story unfold by following us on our Facebook page. If we can help you in anyway, please do not hesitate to call our office at 727-648-4925.

Warmest Regards,